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UK: Council chief asks for ‘fair’ asylum system as 80 migrants moved into hotels ‘against our wishes’



Neil Emmott assured the Home Secretary that he was “extremely proud” of the fact that Rochdale had been inundated with migrants. He didn’t want to give her the impression that he was some kind of racist, bigoted xenophobe. He just wants a more just and fair system, and who can blame him?

According to the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, “In 2020, the top five most common countries of nationality of people seeking asylum in the UK were Iran, Iraq, Albania, Eritrea, and Sudan,” which are all majority-Muslim countries except Eritrea, which has a significant Muslim minority. “Of all refugees resettled in the UK from January 2010 to December 2020, around 70% were Syrian.”

What could possibly go wrong? Be proud! Celebrate diversity!

“Rochdale council chief demands ‘fair’ asylum system as 80 refugees moved into town’s hotels ‘against our wishes,’” by Nick Statham, Manchester Evening News, September 1, 2022:

The leader of Rochdale council has urged the government to ensure every area of the country is taking in its fair share of asylum seekers, claiming the current policy ‘continues to disproportionately affect’ the borough. Councillor Neil Emmott’s angry letter to the home secretary comes after migrants were recently moved into hotels in the borough against the council’s wishes.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service understands the local authority was also given very little notice ahead of around 80 asylum seekers who arrived late last month. Earlier this year, the government told councils they would be expected to take a share of asylum seekers under a new system of ‘full dispersal’, which aims to reduce the number living in temporary accommodation.

The Home Office says it is dealing with an ‘unprecedented increase in asylum cases’ but continues to ‘ensure that the accommodation provided is safe, secure and leaves no one destitute’. However, in a letter to Priti Patel, Coun Emmott writes: “We await the implementation of your Full Dispersal Plan and are aware that the detail of the policy is being worked through but recently, against our wishes, hotels in our area have been requisitioned to house people seeking asylum via illegal routes across the English Channel….

And while Coun Emmott’s maintains he is ‘extremely proud’ of the fact that Rochdale has supported large numbers of migrants he says he is ‘frustrated’ that other local authorities have not done the same

He adds: “As I’m sure you are also aware, this frustration is also being felt by our local communities who are well aware that this situation is not being replicated evenly across the country.”…