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UK: BBC and Sky News cover Muslim violence against Hindus without mentioning either group



The embrace of “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and “inclusion” without limits or knowledge is characteristic of the Left. And so the denial of reality on the part of the BBC and Sky News is not surprising.

Jihad Watch yesterday covered the incident in which Muslims attacked a Hindu temple in Leicester happened after “weeks of unrest following a cricket match between India, which is predominantly Hindu, and Pakistan, which is overwhelmingly Muslim, although whether this is the true root cause of the tensions is questionable.”

One thing isn’t so questionable: the scene in Leicester is reminiscent of all too frequent attacks of this kind in Pakistan. Now they have come to the the UK. In a Monday report, the Indian Express stated this:

Over the past 24 hours, media in the United Kingdom have been reporting on “large-scale” and “serious” disorder in the English city of Leicester to the northwest of London after street clashes between large groups of Hindus and Muslims.

Meanwhile, an MP from Leicester East  is calling for “dialogue to repair community relations” Western-style, not understanding how far back these religious and cultural sectarian clashes go.

Islamic supremacists are infamous globally for not living peaceably with any group they consider to be infidels. With open-door immigration, the woes of foreign countries which do not have constitutions protecting religious freedom and supporting equal rights for all are being imported into Western democracies. The rule of law in Judeo-Christian democracies is becoming a thing of the past, while hapless Leftists repeat: “diversity is our strength” and Leftist media outlets steadfastly refuse to report on what exactly is happening.

“Diversity Is Our Strength: Muslim and Hindu Mobs Clash in England, Temple Vandalised,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, September 18, 2022:

Mobs of Muslims and Hindus have clashed with police and each other in Leicester, England, with at least one Hindu temple vandalised.

The disorder in the multicultural city follows weeks of unrest following a cricket match between India, which is predominantly Hindu, and Pakistan, which is overwhelmingly Muslim, although whether this is the true root cause of the tensions is questionable.

The latest outbreak of violence on Saturday saw cars flipped and what Leicestershire Police vaguely described as “a man pulling down a flag outside a religious building” — with the force studiously avoiding mentioning that the man in question hailed from the Muslim mobs, and that the “religious building” he vandalised was a Hindu temple.

Indeed, the mainstream media also appears to be extremely reluctant to describe clearly the nature of the clashes, with both the BBC and Sky News producing reports on Saturday’s unrest that managed to get all the way to the end without once mentioning that the people involved were Muslims and Hindus.

The BBC described the mobs as being comprised merely of “hundreds of people, mainly men”, with the reader left to divine who was fighting from a single reference to the aforementioned cricket match and the fact that they quoted Muslim and Hindu community leaders as calling for calm.

Sky’s article did not use the terms “Muslim” or “Hindu” even once.

British writer Ben Sixsmith described the BBC coverage as having been “deliberately written so as not to inform [the reader] of things”.

Patrick O’Flynn, a former Member of the European Parliament, said the publicly-funded broadcaster’s coverage “may as well [have been] written in code.”…