According to the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo, the social media giant, Twitter has consented to the laid out rules of the Federal Government of Nigeria after it was banned.

Keyamo revealed in an interview with Channels Television on Sunday, November 28 that the committee organized by the FG to reassess the operations of Twitter has made significant progress.

Keyamo, who is also a member of the committee, said: “The reason the president took that step is to recalibrate our relationship with Twitter and not to drive them away from our country.

“That recalibration, we have started it and the President graciously added me to the committee.

“We also set up a technical committee to interface with Twitter and come up with a lot of conditions for them to fulfill for us to lift the suspension.

“It was Twitter that reached out to the Federal Government to say they want to know what and what they can do to straighten up the relationship with the Federal Government and so, we have gone far but I may not, at this forum, let out a lot but we gave them a lot of conditions and they have agreed to all the conditions.”

In other news, Festus Keyamo, the Minister of State for Labour and Employment and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, has criticized the judicial panel set up to investigate complaints of police brutality and SARS-related abuses across the country, claiming that it is illegitimate.

In an interview with Channels TV, the human rights lawyer claimed the state government cannot examine the conduct of police officers and military personnel in response to a query concerning the government’s position on a leaked report by the Lagos judicial panel.

As he puts it

“I will not answer this question as a sitting minister. I will answer this question as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and so, I am entitled to my own opinion. This is not the Federal Government’s position. For me, that panel was an illegal panel.

All lawyers who are listening to me should go back and the Tribunal Act of Lagos state. It says that the governor would have power to inquire into the conduct of any person, chieftaincy matters and so on that would promote the good of the public.

However, any person there was defined in section 21 to mean public officers of the state. This means somebody within the public service of Lagos state. or of the local government as the case may be. The phrase was used at the end of section one which says ”any matter”, that is they can inquire into any matter.

So people now think that to inqure into any matter, it means that you can just be at large, you can inquire into any matter.

However, if you look at section 21 again of the Tribunal of Inquiry law, it says that it has to be within the legislative competence of Lagos state. The person or the matter must be within the legislative competence of Lagos state. In other words, it is only people over whom the Lagos state has control that they can inquire into their conduct. If do not have control over me, you can inquire into my conduct. 

The police men, armed forces and military are not under the control, they are not officers of Lagos state. They are officers of the Federal government. By virtue of the constitution, it is only the Federal government that can control the conduct of the policemen and the military. Lagos state is not and cannot be in control. You cannot legislate too regarding police and military matters. 

You cannot say you now hide under that phrase of any matter to defeat the original purpose of the law that says do not go beyond the persons over whom you have control. 

So when you now say any matter and in the course of delving into any matter you now call people and begin to inquire into the conduct of people not under your control. It is illegal. Completely illegal. And no paper or recommendation can come out of an illegal panel. Nothing1 ”he said