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Turkey’s Interior Minister: ‘We want to tear America apart…We must dismantle the USA’



Our NATO ally.

“Suleiman Soylu: ‘Without the USA, the terrorist organization PKK would not exist,’” NewsBeezer, September 3, 2022 (thanks to Joshua):

The United States has been targeted by Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, who said his country’s goal is to drive Americans out of the Middle East.

The Turkish minister made the controversial remarks while addressing rebel families who claim their children have been kidnapped by the Kurdish PKK organization and have been protesting for three years outside the headquarters of the pro-Kurdish Party of the Republic of Turkey (HDP), in Diyarbakir im Southeast Turkey.

“We want to tear America apart”

“The terrorist organization will end soon in Turkey, don’t worry. But that’s not enough for us, we have to drive it out of the area too,” Soylu said, addressing the audience watching him.

And he characteristically remarked, “By rooting out the terrorist organization, we want to root out America.” I say this with all sincerity: for years they have rocked this geography with coups. Alevi-Sunnis, Turkish-Kurds, they made us fight each other.”

“They tried to alienate us from each other. They don’t want the world to know the truths of our religion and culture,” Suleiman Soylu said.

As he actually claimed, “If America weren’t here today, the terrorist organization you call the PKK/PYD wouldn’t exist. The creator of PKK and PYD is America. You are her servants.”

And he added: “The political party called HDP, along with the PKK, is a servant of the Americans. I say it openly. If America doesn’t secure the PKK and PYD, it can’t even go half a meter in the Middle East. He can’t even be kept in a cave.”

“Süleyman Soylu: HDP is a servant of the USA along with the PKK,” translated from “Süleyman Soylu: HDP, PKK ile beraber ABD’nin uşağıdır,” by Haber Merkezi, En Son Haber, September 3, 2022:

…Speaking here, Minister Soylu used the following expressions;

“In the last 3 years, the American senate has provided 2 billion dollars in aid to the PKK/PYD. The HDP is a servant of the USA along with the PKK. If we do not have security, is it possible for us to go from one place to another at night? If the USA does not ensure the security of the PKK/PYD, There would be no PKK/PYD without the USA.

We don’t need the USA. We do not need a Europe that is unaware of our religion, culture and belief. As Diyarbakir finds peace, the region finds peace. They come up with all kinds of scenarios to tear us apart from each other….

As we dismantle the terrorist organization, you should know that we are also dismantling the USA. For years, they set us against each other for this.

Terrorist organization will end soon. We must uproot it from the geography around us. We must dismantle the USA. I’m telling you frankly, there is no front or back. Alevi, Sunni, Kurdish, Turkish… That’s why they tried to set us against each other. They tried to alienate us from each other….