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Turkey’s Erdogan agrees to Putin plan to become Russian gas hub for EU



The new deal could further strengthen the red-green axis, as the EU finds itself licking the boots of both Putin and the Islamic despot Erdogan. In the end, it’s still Russian oil, with NATO member Turkey acting as distributor.

The EU is becoming a global joke, almost as bad as Joe Biden. Years ago, Trump warned Germany about dependence on Russian oil, but was mocked for it by German reps at the UN. Now globalist Germany and the EU are groveling as a result of their Green agenda and lack of foresight, despite the obvious consequences.

Globalists and the World Economic Forum continue to sink Western free societies, while countries ruled by Marxism and the Sharia gain a distinct upper hand. Erdogan has long envisioned a revived Ottoman Empire. Now with the steady cultural, economic and political decline of Europe and America, his vision is not as inconceivable as it seemed not too long ago.

Expect Muslim Brotherhood (MB) groups and their assault on the freedom of speech to gain further inroads across the EU, as Turkey supplies Russian oil. MB-supporting Turkey has long promulgated the “Islamophobia” subterfuge, declaring that “Islamophobia” should be a “crime against humanity, ‘just like Zionism.’” The last hope for the EU is populist leadership.

This news does not bode well for Israel, either, given Turkey’s hostility toward the Jewish state and Russia’s displeasure with Israel for aiding Zelensky.

“Erdogan Agrees to Putin’s Plan for Turkey to Be Russian Gas Hub,” by Dorian Jones, VOA, October 20, 2022:

ISTANBUL —Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signed up to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to turn Turkey into a Russian natural gas hub.

Erdogan, addressing his parliamentary deputies Wednesday, said Turkey had secured a vital opportunity by agreeing to Putin’s plan.

“European countries are currently searching to find where to get natural gas supplies,” he said. “Thank God Turkey does not have such a problem. Hopefully, we will soon become a hub for natural gas.”…

Putin appeared to take Ankara by surprise with his gas hub plan. The proposal came as Turkey has faced growing scrutiny from its Western allies over its refusal to enforce sanctions against Russia. Washington and the European Union have warned that Turkey could face secondary sanctions if it violated its measures against Russia….