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Tracey Boakye Forced Herself On The Man – Bongo Ideas Goes Hard On Soon To Be Mrs.



Internet sensation Bongo Ideas has gone hard on the soon-to-be Mrs. Tracey Boakye claiming she forced herself on her husband to be Frank by looking at his mannerism.

Tracey Boakye has shared a lot of photos with her husband-to-be Frank and based on his mannerism and facial expression in the photos, Bongo Ideas has concluded that the baby mama of 2 forced herself on the guy who’s alleged to be a s3kz machine.

According to him, it looks like Tracey Boakye forced herself on the man and probably funded the entire wedding because the man is not happy in the least and that shows mega tears ahead because the marriage might not last as expected.

Tracey Boakye hasn’t even tied the knot with Frank and people are saying all sorts of negative things about the marriage which we believe it’s as a result of Tracey Boakye’s character online and the Papa No saga with Mzbel years ago.

screenshot below;