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Top 4 Hottest Celebrity Couples Trending In Nigeria

However, we also have many other Nigerian celebrities who have never had any marital problem throughout their marriages, but we decided to share this 4 celebrity couples because we have investigated and discovered that they have been able to sustain their marriages for so long without any form of domestic violence or misunderstanding.

These celebrity couples have managed to stay far away from negative media scandal and have automatically become role models to incoming young celebrities that will want to marry their fellow celebrity. So in this article we bring to you the top 4 hottest celebrity couples trending in Nigeria.

1. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva


Olu Jacobs is a famous Nollywood actor, producer, director, television personality, entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist while his wife Joke Silva is a famous Nollywood actress, director, producer, business woman, entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist.

Olu Jacobs was born on 11th July 1942 in Abeokuta, Ogun State in the south western part of Nigeria. He is currently 76 years old while his wife Joke Silva was born on 29th September 1961 in Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria into a family of four children. She is currently 56 years old.

Olu Jacobs and his wife Joke Silva are the founders of Royal Arts Academy. A movie school aimed for training movie practitioners in acting, directing, producing, script writing, photography, costumier, makeup, editing, modeling, set designed and various aspect of movie making.

Joke Silva is the amiable wife of Nollywood famous actor Olu Jacobs while Olu Jacobs is the proud husband of Nollywood famous actress Joke Silva. Both of them have been rated as the hottest couples in Nollywood. Joke Silva completed her secondary school education at Holy Child College in Lagos and obtained her West African Senior School Certificate while Olu Jacobs completed his secondary school education at Holy Trinity College in Kano and obtained his West African Senior School Certificate.

Olu Jacobs completed his tertiary education at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, United Kingdom where he studied Performing Arts while his wife Joke Silva completed her tertiary education at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, United Kingdom where she studied Drama.

Olu Jacobs joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1971 and acted in his first movies “Murderous Angels” a movie written by Conor Cruise O’Brien in London, United Kingdom while his wife Joke Silva joined the Nigerian movie industry in the early 1990s and acted in her first movie “Mind Bending” a movie that brought her to limelight.

Olu Jacobs has acted in more than 250 Nollywood movies which include Ashanti, The Dogs of War, Pirates, Secret of the Lost Legend, The Dogs Meeting, Beauty and the Beast, Adesuwa, Dry, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, A Kind of Marriage, Till Death Do Us Part, Venturer, The Third Eye, Play for Today, amongst others while his wife Joke Silva has acted in more than 250 Nollywood movies which include Phone Swap, The Secret Laughter of Women, Last Wedding, White Waters, Women’s Cot, The Amazing Grace, Letters to a Stranger, Tango With Me, 30 Days, Kada River, Married But Living Single, The Grave Dust, The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, Timeless, The Visitors, Bandits, Potato Potahto, amongst others.

In 1985, Joke Silva got married to Nollywood famous actor Olu Jacobs and the marriage is blessed with two grown up children and a grandchild. However, the couple met in 1981 at the National Theatre in Lagos, Nigeria during the 21st Independence Anniversary. The couple founded and operated the Lufodo Group covering film production and distribution assets and the Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts, where she is the Director of Studies.


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