Tonto Dikeh has cried out as her account starts to shake after threatening to hack the account of anyone who fights her to shut up the social media life of the person.


Tonto Dikeh sending a message to some specific person/persons warned that anyone who fights her this year will have their accounts hacked by her and she’s going to shut the social media life of the person up and she won’t fight you.

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A few moments after she made that post and deleted it after realizing it was an expensive joke, Tonto Dikeh made another post crying out that her account has begun to shake asking whether one cannot joke anymore on the internet.

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According to her, this life isn’t balanced at all because as you plan to harm someone or do something to someone, another person is planning the same for you, and all of a sudden her page is doing shakey shakey and it’s not cool.

Tonto Dikeh might not have meant ..... she made earlier but guess some people have taken it seriously and want to show her how it feels like to get your account hacked and your social media life being shut up just as she wants to do to others.

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