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TikTok suspends account of critic of Islam who has been inundated with death threats: she criticized Islam



Mila wrote: “Perfectly logical to hate the most problematic and dangerous religion these days!”

If she had expressed hatred for Christianity, would her account have been suspended? No, TikTok would have crowned her Queen of France.

“‘Now that sucks, take a look’: Mila’s TikTok account suspended over comment on Islam,” translated from ““Là ça craint, regardez bien” : le compte TikTok de Mila suspendu à cause d’un commentaire sur l’islam,” Valeurs Actuelles, November 30, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Mila, regularly harassed and threatened on social networks because of her positions that re deemed controversial on Islam, noted on Monday (November 29) the suspension of her TikTok account. The young woman made it known on Twitter, the same day, during the evening. “My TikTok account was suspended following this comment. I don’t mind losing my account, but this sucks, take a good look,” she said in her post. The cause of the suspension of her TikTok account was these few words: “Perfectly logical to hate the most problematic and dangerous religion these days!”

These words angered a number of users of this social network, who therefore massively reported Mila’s post. This was then deleted by the application, for the following reason: violation of community guidelines. Secondly, the young woman’s account, reported for the same reasons, was suspended.

On Twitter, Mila also shared in the context of this comment that she had been the victim of bullying: “I’ve received a huge amount of (completely unprovoked) abuse tonight, on my TikTok account of course, from our favourite Islamists and therefore in addition to the threats, insults and calls to murder, massive flaggings.” A few hours earlier, she had confided on social media that one of her videos had been removed from TikTok’s mobile app. She indicated that she had appealed the decision, but the content had not yet been restored.