Jaruma announced in a post on her Instagram page that since the price of the latest iPhones released into the market has shot up, the price of Kayanmata will also increase.

However, she made an alarming revelation about the craving for this luxury commodity as she claimed that a lot of destinies and glories will be stolen by people just so they can also purchase the iPhone 13 which cost over $1000.00.

She also pointed out that many will lose their girlfriends and boyfriends through s3x to the highest bidder due to the power of her Kayanmata which makes the kpekus of a woman so sweet for the man who inserts his joystick into the vajayjay and locks his mind for her alone.

Jaruma Empire offered a prayer to God for protection from evil for her good friend.

She wrote,

Apple unveiled iphone 13 in California today. That means the price of kayamata in Lekki will go up, thousands of destiny/glory will be stolen via sex and some will lose their BF and GF to the hishest bidder. May the good Lord help me protect my good friend from evil,”