Nigerian Afrobeat maestro, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, well known as Wizkid has been slammed on social media by some fans of his colleagues, Davido for trying to compete with the latter with his “cheap” accessories.



Davido and Wizkid are two of the finest musicians ever to emerge from Nigeria. Fans on social media keep dragging these artists on social media, comparing their talents, assets, and global relevance. Although it seems that these two musicians are very cool, their respective fanbases always manage to draw the battle line, trying to compare them on the digital platform.

While some social media users were showering praises on Davido on the microblogging platform, others tried to drag Wizkid in the mud, saying he can never compare himself to the former in terms of money and luxuries.

According to a fan, Wizkid in his quest to compete with Davido has been able to secure a Moissanite instead of a Diamond. The fan said that a Moissanite is breakable but a Diamond is unbreakable and it appears that Davido is the only one to be able to afford such an expensive accessory.

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs.

The fan wrote; In the quest to compete with Davido. My idol Wizkid bought Moissanite instead of Diamond. Diamond can never break, Moissanite does. This is a shame to us Wizkid FC.

See the tweet below: