Nigerian writer and businesswoman Damilola Oyedele has dropped her two cents on about the idea by a majority of people who believe that living abroad is an upgrade in a person’s life.


In a recent tweet she made, Damilola Oyedele ruled out the perception that life is better because you live abroad because it is false.

According to her, the one who moved to the West has just traded problem sets and she pointed to the fact that the problem does not end but continues everywhere.

See her tweet below;

Here are reactions to her tweet below;

Atleast in abroad u wouldn’t border about kidnappers, accident due to bad road,. Light issue Hunger etc. Nigeria is worst biko


E get some SAPA wey go hold you for abroad, you go wish say them dash you ticket come 9ja make the phase pass.


Y’all should shut up with this nonsense narrative. There’s problem everywhere, fair!!…. but its better to face problem in a system that works than in a shitty system like Nigeria.


Try relocate Alabosi… people wey get abroad no complain una sha no like make people better pass una.


It’s a fair trade for me. At least you won’t be worried about the basic things of life e.g electricity.


When you get to abroad 70% of your life problem has been answered. The remaining 30% is good health and long life. I would rather have Biden as a president than Buhari.


It depends on the country. If we’re talking about nigeria. Abroad is better except it’s North Korea or Afghanistan or syria.