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Thanksgiving with CAIR



Let us take a look at how the other half lives this Thanksgiving by spending some time with the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR is thankful for New York’s WPIX putting it on TV again to spread its lies.

The formula here should be familiar by now. The station reports the news of the day, this time a New York City subway slashing, for three minutes. Then in the last 20 seconds, a statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations is read, saying:

“If we are going to change the astoundingly low number of incidents reported to law enforcement by Muslim victims,” said CAIR Executive Director Afaf Nasher in a prepared statement, “they need to know that an effective outcome can be achieved.”

Of course, CAIR does not know anything about the slasher, or about how to catch him. The nation’s greatest Muslim organization is content to exploit the misfortunes of others in order to promote itself and reference its phony report from last September.

WPIX did CAIR a favor when they reported CAIR’s findings as evidence that 64% of New York City Muslims have been the victims of a hate crime. But CAIR’s report actually says that they surveyed 295 people, and 64% of that number, or 189 people, said they experienced a hate crime. It is amazing that WPIX reporter Ayana Harry tells us the report is on the station website. Because she obviously did not read it. Ms. Harry is a CAIR facilitator who ran with the “Punish a Muslim Day” hoax.

WPIX and CAIR can be grateful that no one has exposed them for this kind of misreporting. And we know that CAIR appreciates it.

CAIR is thankful for the RLUIPA laws in Troy, Michigan.

After years of legal fighting, all of CAIR’s troubles with the city are now resolved. When a federal judge ruled that Troy was in violation of RLUIPA laws, the city was compelled to accept a proposed mosque. Local newscasters framed this story as CAIR standing against the “egregious” city of Troy. CAIR’s Amy Doukoure compared the situation to past events, including similar controversies in other Michigan towns, Sterling Heights and Pittsville Township.

Recall that in Sterling Heights, the controversy was about Chaldean Christians who were shocked to see a mosque being built in the middle of their residential neighborhood. But the federal government said they had to have the mosque there because of RLUIPA.

Mega-mosque being forced on Christian refugee community

The federal law being used to coerce cities into approving mosques, even when the mosque is in a residential neighborhood, is the Religion Land Use and Institutional Persons Act, or RLUIPA, which was passed by Congress in 2000.

As WND has reported, the Obama administration used this law increasingly against communities denying mosques and less against those denying the construction of churches.

“Any city being hit with this kind of a rule cannot fight back and they submit,” Dass said. I am not against building a mosque or a synagogue or a church; everyone has a freedom to build a house of worship, but I don’t believe in making it a political issue.

“RELUIPA, the way it is written, you cannot win, and the cities don’t have enough funds to hire the lawyers to fight this. It depends on whichever minority has the favored status of the government at any time, you go against that and they’re now going to lose, period. My belief is the federal government should not interfere in the local government unless it is a real black-and-white case of discrimination.”

So anyway, the city of Troy, Michigan has a new mosque.

It seems as if Muslims keep getting themselves into these situations, where they insist on putting a mosque where it is not wanted. CAIR is just grateful that, except for the Ground Zero Mosque, there is not much you can do about it.

The man who runs CAIR, Nihad Awad, has written us a Thanksgiving Day card. I will bet you would not have expected that. Here is some of what he says.

He begins:

Thanksgiving is a time that evokes many feelings and memories. For many of us, it is a reminder of the appalling crimes committed against Native Americans throughout our nation’s history – and that is indeed something that must not be forgotten. But Thanksgiving is also a unique moment in our culture when we are encouraged not to focus on our desires, but to be grateful for what we have.

He then gives brief definition of gratitude before carrying on about feeding the hungry, and then winding up where he began:

In addition to showing our gratitude through acts of kindness, let us remember the dark history associated with this holiday. Let us read the history of the Indigenous peoples of our nation and be inspired by their resilience in the face of unspeakable atrocities. Let us commit ourselves to ensuring justice for all those who have been wronged in our nation.

Wasn’t that nice? Kind of like a cranberry stain on a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And that has been your portion of a left-wing Thanksgiving served up by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.