Actor Sylvester Madu has disclosed how he borrowed money to buy a Blackberry passport phone just to belong but that is not even relevant now anymore.


Sylvester Madu advising fans on how to set their priorities right used himself as an example explaining how he had borrowed money to buy a Blackberry passport phone during his prime time just to belong because everyone was buying.

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According to him, they thought the phone was the best phone at that time such that lots of relationships and even marriages broke because of it and some ladies even lost their virginities just to buy this phone but today it’s useless.

Adding that just yesterday he saw his lying helplessly and uselessly in one of his wardrobes untouched and unused for years and that is when he realized that some things are not worth dying for as they won’t be valuable in 5 or 10 years time.

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Sylvester Madu then used the fraud case of Hushpuppi as another example saying even his friends are denying him and have refused to accept free visas to America saying that the latest thing you have today will soon be the oldest thing.

That latest thing you have now will soon be the oldest thing. Yes, time says so.

In 1999 a friend of mine once said and I quote… “you see this latest cars people are driving now, it will be the old model of my cars” ….end of quote. I pondered over those words for many years until time told me what it meant.

Whatever you do today keep your hands clean… if it’s not for jesus, it’s not worth dying for.

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