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Sweden’s parliament elects populist prime minister



The newly elected Conservative Swedish leader Ulf Kristersson “promised to crack down on crime and curtail immigration in partnership with a populist party with far-right roots.” His platform clearly appealed to voters in Sweden, which has been a notoriously Leftist country which has led the charge on open-door immigration.

Any reasonable individual would have long since understood that immigration policies must operate on the principle of acceptance of the values of the welcoming country. This is imperative for the success of Western economies and the protection of their national security. There must be full acceptance of the idea that there is one law that applies to all people.

Globalists have implemented policies that endanger Western societies and culture, and smear anyone who advocates for the protection of free societies as “racist,” “fascist,” “Islamophobic” and the like. In Sweden, however, the public is beginning to wake up.

In another significant event that now threatens the globalist dominance of the EU, in Italy, Giorgia Meloni was recently elected with a sweeping majority. Meanwhile, in Britain, fake Conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss has encountered immediate impatience over her rapid betrayal of her stated principles. Truss may now endure the disgrace of being removed from office just weeks after she became prime minister, as she faces party revolt, calls for her resignation and a complete loss of authority. Truss promised to cut taxes, but quickly started to walk back her promises. Her vow to control immigration was also a lie.

Western societies are being duped by globalists. Sweden’s parliamentary election is significant and may indicate a broader shift in the EU’s political landscape.

“Sweden’s parliament elects conservative prime minister,” by Karl Ritter, Associated Press, October 17, 2022:

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Sweden’s parliament on Monday elected conservative leader Ulf Kristersson as prime minister at the head of a center-right coalition that has promised to crack down on crime and curtail immigration in partnership with a populist party with far-right roots.

Kristersson, 58, was elected in a 176-173 vote and will present his government on Tuesday.

His three-party coalition secured a majority in the 349-seat Riksdag, or parliament, after the Sept. 11 election by teaming up with the Sweden Democrats, a party founded by right-extremists in the 1980s. The party has softened its image and moved toward the mainstream, but was until recently considered too radical to work with by all other parliamentary groups.

Kristersson presented a deal last week whereby his conservative Moderate Party will form a government with the smaller Christian Democrats and Liberals, while coordinating government policies closely with the Sweden Democrats, which won 20% of the vote to become Sweden’s second-biggest party.

They agreed on a common platform that included making it harder for asylum-seekers to stay in Sweden and easier for authorities to deport foreign nationals with links to criminal gangs. Gang violence has become a major concern in Sweden, particularly in neighborhoods dominated by immigrants, and is considered a key reason for the country’s shift to the right……