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Sweden: Police call for more deportations amid migrant-driven crime surge



What has come to be the same old pattern of unvetted open-door immigration and the concomitant erosion of national security and the economy continues unabated in Sweden, as the country, like many other Western countries that are governed by globalists, edges toward a cliff. Back in 2016, Jihad Watch reported that 80% of Swedish police were considering quitting their jobs over rising Muslim migrant crime and the indifference of Swedish officials to it. A year later, Sweden was reported to be on the brink of civil war, as the National Police chief pleaded to anyone who would listen: “HELP US, HELP US!” 

No one did.

At that time, a researcher, Johan Patrik Engellau, who worked with “organizations such as the UN and others that operate in crisis areas,” also warned:

“I’m afraid it is the end for the well-organized, decent and egalitarian Sweden we have known up to now. Personally, I would not be surprised if a form of civil war occurs. In some places, the civil war has probably already begun.”

Now, Swedish police are hoping to see deportations of troublesome migrants driving crime. The current chaos was preventable, had politicians stood for sensible immigration policies, and had the population voted for those who supported rule of law. Sweden and other globalist-ruled countries are destined to reach a point of no return sooner than any of them think, if current trends continue. 

“’More police officers’ not the most important thing for the police officers themselves”, translated from “‘Fler poliser’ inte det viktigaste för poliserna själva,” by Adam Westin, Aftonbladet, August 24, 2022: 

It is the police officers’ favorite proposal against crime, according to a new survey.

“I am not surprised,” says Lena Nitz, chairman of the Police Association.

Crime is the voters’ most important election issue, according to a recent report from the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg. This is the first election campaign in which the issue is at the top since 1979.

Sweden is heading for a record year when it comes to fatal shootings, and there is a vigorous campaign to tackle crime. Magdalena Andersson (S) will “turn over every stone” and Ulf Kristersson’s (M) motto is “Now we get order in Sweden.”

The police union has commissioned a Novus survey in which the members had to answer which political proposals they consider necessary, and not necessary, to reduce crime.

“We see that there are many criminal policy proposals from the politicians. Then we think it is important to listen to the profession, and the police officers who, despite a lack of resources and with an increasingly complex crime trend, work to create a safer society,” says Lena Nitz, president of the Police Association.

Longer sentences, more deportations
The four proposals that are considered the most important are all about convicted criminals having to be off the streets for a longer period of time than is happening today.

73 percent of those who answered want to remove the “quantity discount,” so that longer sentences are imposed in case of multiple crimes.
66 percent want to abolish automatic release after two thirds of the sentence.
64 percent want to abolish the “youth discount” for those who have turned 18.
64 percent want to increase the deportation of foreign nationals convicted of crimes.
It is thought that the penalty must be in better proportion to what crime victims are exposed to and what damage society suffers, according to Lena Nitz.

“We have a frustration from our members that you see some serious criminals, but also people who commit mass crimes in large numbers, if I may say so, who will soon be out on the streets again,” says Lena Nitz.

When it comes to young criminals, 60 percent want to strengthen cooperation between schools, social services, the police and leisure activities. And 53 percent want to change the privacy legislation so that it becomes easier to get and give information between different social actors.