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Sweden: Muslims get prison for rioting, stoning police over Qur’an-burning that didn’t happen



They will be out of prison very soon, and by then, what will have been done to disabuse them of their Islamic supremacism and willingness to become violent at perceived insults to Islam? Nothing whatsoever. Any such effort would be “Islamophobic.” If anything, they’ll come out of prison more dangerous than they were when they went in.

“Three men are sentenced to prison after the Easter riots in Linköping,” translated from “Tre män döms till fängelse efter påskupploppen i Linköping,” by Jennifer Snårbacka, Expressen, July 21, 2022:

Three men have been charged with gross sabotage against police operations after the violent riots in Linköping on April 17. The riots began after Rasmus Paludan, leader of the Danish far-right party Stram Kurs, announced that he would hold Koran burnings at the site.

He didn’t show up.

On Thursday, the verdict was handed down against the three men in the Linköping district court. They all threw stones at police officers or their vehicles and, according to the verdict, “acted out of a complete lack of respect for the work of the police.”

Four years in prison
21-year-old Moulham Abo Gamous was sentenced to four years in prison. According to the district court, he “threw a large number of stones at police vehicles and policemen on repeated occasions and at different locations in Skäggetorp.”

He also “kicked a police vehicle, rushed with the crowd and made aggressive gestures towards the police.”

26-year-old Elvedin James Emini got three and a half years in prison. According to the verdict, Elvedin James Emini “was instigating by using gestures and calls to urge the crowd that the police managed to disperse to return.” He admitted that he was the one who was seen throwing stones in footage from the scene – but denied the crime.

Elvedin James Emini has stated in questioning that he “got angry when he was told by the police and saw ‘black,’” writes the district court.

A 19-year-old man was also sentenced to two years and six months in prison. According to the verdict, he masked himself and “on repeated occasions” threw stones at and kicked police vehicles.

All deny wrongdoing. The evidence includes plaintiff and witness interviews as well as film material from the scene. At least 25 police officers have stated that they were injured as a result of the riots in Linköping, of which two had to seek hospital treatment.

A month after the riots, a man in his 30s was sentenced to six months in prison for violent riot and attempted violence against an official during the riots in Rinkeby.

At the end of June, four men – Abdullahi Abdiwali Ibrahim, Hussein Al-Maliki, Hussain Kafarnawi and Ali Kafarnawi – were convicted of aggravated police sabotage after the riots in Sveaparken in Örebro. The prison sentences were between four and five and a half years, and the district court also decided that two of the men should be deported. The verdict has been appealed.

Earlier in July, another verdict was handed down against four other men after the incident in Sveaparken. The punishment was imprisonment for between two and six years.