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Suspected ritualist closes his eyes, insists on not making eye contact with his brother for fear of running mad (Video)



A young Nigerian man alleged to have visited a native doctor to do money rituals has been captured on tape begging for help after encountering complications..

He was speaking with residents while his eyes were firmly closed and said he cannot make eye contact with his brother else he will run mad.

The young man who identified himself as Ekene was caught jumping over a fence with his eyes closed. It was during interrogation that he implied he was engaged in ritual practices.

The alleged ritualist begged them to take him to the police station and he made a series of uncoordinated statements which was hard to ascertain the authenticity.

Ekenedilichukwu narrated a number of unrelated stories in a bid to explain his predicament.

The boy gave out his father’s phone number and said he is allowed to see the man, but he must not see his younger brother known as Somto.

He said that he does not want to be taken home because he would be made to open his eyes and look at his brother, after which he will run mad.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Native doctor has aided in the arrest of two teenage boys who sought to engage in money rituals in Edo state.

The teenagers were apprehended by operatives of Edo State Security Vigilante Network after the herbalist they allegedly approached for ritual purposes reported them.

The suspects are Daniel Sunday (19), a native of Akwa-Ibom State and Ikponmwosa Ogbebor (19), from Edo State.

It was gathered that the duo were arrested in Oluku, Ovia North-East local government area of Edo state following an alert by a female herbalist they contacted for the rituals

Daniel and Ikponmwosa have been handed over to the Edo State Police Command for further interrogation and investigation.

Col. Kole Oshoriamhe Omomia, the Edo State Coordinator of the Security Vigilante Network, (Rtd), disclosed that the suspects confessed that they were looking to become rich through money ritual.

According to him, the boys also said that they did not plan to kill anybody for the rituals, but planned to sacrifice any part of their body for the get-rich-quick process.

Omomia further stated that the vigilante outfit has been on alert to rid the state of crime and deter young men and women from engaging in similar vices.