Gay activist Bisi Alimi has advised men praying and fasting for a wife to stop because for all they know the love of their life might be a man which means they are gays.


Bisi Alimi has been trying everything possible to make sure gays come out of their closet and has been speaking on their behalf hence has advised men who are ready to marry and not finding a wife to just stop praying and fasting.

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According to him, as a man the love of your life might be another man and not a woman therefore it’s best if you stop praying and fasting for a wife and accept your reality of being gay and find the love of your life who is also another guy.

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Being gay in an African country is not easy at all therefore even if the person finds out that the love of his life is a man, he will surely go in for a woman to cover things up not to be consumed by the wrath of society they are in.

This means that no matter how hard the man prays for the love of his life who is a man, he can’t have the freedom to go ahead with having a relationship with him openly in an African country because the stereotype alone will make you give up.

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