Media personality Stephanie Coker has advised a lady against being loyal to her married boyfriend telling her there’s someone out there for her and she owes her married boyfriend nothing.


The lady sharing her relationship/dating issue with Stephanie Coker asked whether it’s okay for her to be loyal to her married boyfriend or something is wrong with her and Stephanie Coker advised her against that.

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According to her, there is someone out there for the lady that belongs to her only and her married boyfriend is disloyal hence she doesn’t owe him anything making her understand that the word married boyfriend is an oxymoron.

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Stephanie Coker then added that a mother’s prayer is for her daughter to go to her husband’s house and not another woman’s husband’s house but we are not ready for this conversation advising men to stop being scumbags.

There’s nothing like a married boyfriend and if a married man has been able to be disloyal to his wife by making you his girlfriend, then you owe him nothing or no loyalty since he wasn’t loyal to the woman he vowed to be with for better and for worse.

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