Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has contrasted the life of late singer, Sound Sultan for his activism work in the midst of his illness to President Muhammadu Buhari’s attitude now.


Reno Omokri extolled Sound Sultan for his sacrifice in that he knew he was seriously ill with lung cancer, but he chose to fight for the right of the ordinary Nigerian in the ENDSARS protest whereas Buhari chose to flee Nigeria to London after he got sick.

Reno urged the FG to print the photo of Sound Sultan on Nigeria’s stamp for his sacrificial work.

He wrote: And to think that Sound Sultan knew about his health condition, yet he sacrificed his comfort to fight for the common man. What an uncommon man.

Buhari was sick and he ran to London for 6 months. In a similar situation, this young man chose to associate with the people.

Whenever a sane regime rises to power, this photo should be put on Nigeria’s stamp.

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ojhappiness: I had goosebumps reading this. Chaiiii😢

surebreed: ‪Government use us to play SQUID GAME 💔‬

saint_psalmmy26: Hmmm… Whenever a sane regime rises to power 👌 when will that be Oh Lord 😢

uzoruju: Honestly an heart of Gold😢

chocolatemercy173: R.i.p HERO

zelmediastudios: RIP to the great sound sultan. Always in our heart

omon.wins: Absolutely! Thanks for bringing this out. There are still many silent heroes making efforts for a better Nigeria.

illskillss: A sane govt abi.. cos these ones are insane gan ni