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Solomon Buchi Deactivates His Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter Accounts After Being Outed By Multiple Women He Begged For Money



Solomon Buchi has deactivated his major social media accounts.

The life coach has deactivated his Instagram,  Twitter, and personal Facebook accounts.

His Facebook page is his only social media account that is still accessible to the public.

This comes after multiple women called out the “life coach” for hypocrisy.

He had told men not to date broke women.

Women reacted by releasing their chats where he begged them for money and for other pricey gifts.

The women also called him out for setting up a GoFundMe account to source funds for his wedding.

It was the second major backlash he was receiving in weeks.

The first had been after he said his fiancée, Arike Adeola, is not the most beautiful or the most intelligent woman.

Solomon has now taken a break from social media following the backlash.