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Social media users gush as pretty lady takes food to her man who hawks (Video)



A young Nigerian woman has warmed the hearts of netizens after she revealed the gesture she did for her man.

She took lunch to her man who hawks on the streets and captured the heartwarming moment on camera.

The pretty lady first went to a restaurant and bought food after which she carried it to the exact spot where her man hawks his goods.

She then called out to him and when he spotted her, the guy ran speedily to meet his babe who was inside a vehicle. She praised her man by noting how much of a hardworking ‘hustler’ he is.

In a video making the rounds online, she touched his chin gently and informed him that she brought food.

He then dropped the items he was selling under a tree and sat down to eat as she continued filming him. The guy was a bit shy so he asked her stop filming but she did not do as requested.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, classic_samzy1135 wrote; This is the best thing I’ve seen today 🥺 This is true love ❤️

ikemeamara; Little things matters 😍😍😍😍 bless them

crownxy_dayo; Hmmm when money enter love is what ?

__jade.mary; I know the restaurant and I have ATM na man remain 😂😂

thereal_demmy; No matter who you are , there’s someone who’s actually meant to love you.

CorrectNG reported earlier that a Nigerian woman left netizens laughing because of what she did when her husband forgot his wedding ring at home.

She shared a video via her TikTok account @officiallysoniasunda, and it showed her going to his office to give him the ring.

The wife boarded a commercial tricycle, commonly referred to as keke and headed straight to her husband’s place of work.

According to the pretty lady, it was the second time such was happening, and she apparently did not find it funny anymore because her husband was no longer in the market.

When Sonia reached his office, he was not there, so she checked the shop and eventually found him. He was evidently amused by her action and could not help but to burst out laughing.

After handing the ring to her hubby, she said; ‘Till death do us part.’ Other people around in the shop were also surprised.