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Social Media Influencer, Kalyjay Reveals Plans To Create Jobs For Ghanaian Youth



The socialite made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

In ....., he acknowledged that although he is trying his best to make life comfortable for most Ghanaian youth by doing some giveaways, the monies that he always gives out are small, and additionally, they can’t sustain an individual for a long period so he would be looking at creating some sustainable to help the youth.

..... that he made reads;

“Right now my biggest headache for life is trying to create jobs for as many people as I can.. Planning and plotting till I make it a reality. I can’t be doing giveaways forever people need to be getting sources of income through me. If wanna leaders no fit work we go work.

Giveaway dier ahiaa 100 cedis the money how long u go spend am. But if I fit put 10 people on every month wey dem they earn salary seff ibi good. Pray I see this come to pass. I want to do more for everyone cos it’s hard out here fr fr.”



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