Singer Slimcase has advised that we save now for our tomorrow as we prepare for how to be treated when not needed anymore by the people around us today.


Slimcase in his infinite wisdom and things he has seen or been through has advised that we all need to save for our tomorrow because the people around us will treat us differently when they don’t need us anymore in their lives.

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According to him, you shouldn’t be prepared for how they will treat you when they need you but rather be prepared for how they will treat you when they don’t need you anymore because that is when they will show you their real character.

He then added that it is what you saved that you will come back to meet not the people around you now and you have to remember that they left some people to come and meet you, the same way they will leave you for another.

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Therefore, save now for your tomorrow and keep your family close so that when the people around you leave or treat you badly when they don’t need you anymore, you will have a family to go to and savings to save you tomorrow.

This advice goes to all of us but especially it goes to those who turn to ignore their family because of the people they now mingle with and forget to even save for tomorrow as now you know those around you now will not always be around.

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