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Skit-maker runs for his dear life after failed attempt to prank agberos (Video)



A Nigerian content creator known as Koloboy nearly met his waterloo when he tried to prank a group of young men.

Some of his pranks focuses on him pretending to be a mentally challenged man who walks around with a log of wood and uses it to chase passers-by.

In a video recording of a recent skit, he took the prank to a gathering of area boys and paraded the area as if he wanted to attack them.

The young men did not move an inch, rather they chose to pay him attention to see what he wanted to do.

When Koloboy raise up the stick as if he wanted to start chasing them, one of the area boys who was armed with something that looks like a knife charged at him in rage.

The prankster took to his heels without hesitation while another of the area boys picked up a wood from the ground and joined the chase.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, a Nigerian content creator was reportedly brutalised after he played a fake snake prank on passengers in a commercial bus.

His content often revolves around pranking commuter, and acting like he has a carton or bag containing snake inside the bus and he scares people into alighting.

However, things went sour for him during one of his recent pranks as youths pounced on him after finding out he did not have any snake.

The skit-maker landed in hospital and his head was bandaged as a result of the injuries he sustained from the beating.

He made a video while leaving a government hospital and narrated what happened to him. The prankster also begged fans to pray for him.


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