The estranged wife of Interior decorator Ehi Ogbebor’s new wife has made us aware that she has dragged her to court by informing her that she will meet her in court next week.


Ehi Ogbebor is been accused of taking advantage of a situation between the man and his estranged wife to snatch the man from her even though she has debunked such allegations saying she never snatched the man, the lady is taking the issue to court.

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Neither the estranged wife of Ehi Ogbebor’s new boyfriend nor Ehi Ogbebor herself posted about the court summons but this recent post of the estranged wife shows that she has dragged the interior decorator to court and the proceedings begins next week.

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The estranged wife posted saying Ehi Ogbebor can lie to the whole world but she can never lie to herself reminding her that she will see her in court next week making fun of her and referring to her as a small pikin.

The drama between these two is very complicated as each of them is claiming to be right and now the issue seems to have been sent to court hence we wait to see the outcome and the ruling of the court then this whole issue can be put to rest.

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