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Saudi Arabia, Gulf states demand Netflix remove ‘un-Islamic content,’ threaten  legal action



It was only a matter of time before the woke clashed with Islam. The trend will increase. The Left has turned a blind eye to the suffering of victims under Sharia, even joining Islamic supremacists to beat up critics of Islam, all the while claiming to be the stalwart defenders of human rights and feminism. But can Leftists turn a similar blind eye to the demands of their putative allies?

Wokeness has become a religion unto itself. Its acolytes are in for a surprise if they continue to advance their cause and test the depth of their Muslim allies’ commitment to Islam. In light of the aggressiveness of the woke and the rigidity of Islam, the fractures will almost certainly continue to grow in the Leftist-Islamic alliance.

Buzz Lightyear, “based on the Toy Story franchise, was reportedly banned in the United Arab Emirates this year over a same-sex kiss,” and “another video on Saudi state media accused Netflix of “focussing excessively on homosexuals.”

Hungary recently launched an investigation into the Netflix cartoon Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, which features lesbian girls kissing. Hungary’s investigation, however, is proceeding for reasons that are completely different from the concerns that have led these Islamic countries to make demands upon Netflix. Hungary’s investigation was to protect children, as the show is geared to youngsters. The Hungarian government has implemented measures for the all-encompassing protection of children — from anti-pedophilia legislation to banning LGBT content from its school curriculum. Hungary is not anti-LGBTQ; it also showcases its Budapest frolic for the gay community. The LGBTQ community has full rights in Hungary, but not to indoctrinate young children. Under Islamic law, however (including in “reforming” Saudi Arabia), “homosexuality can be punished by either flogging or death, while sexual relations outside marriage are banned.”

Gulf states are now threatening Netflix with legal action.

“Netflix must remove ‘un-Islamic content’, demand Gulf states,” by James Rothwell, Telegraph, September 7, 2022:

The Gulf states have demanded Netflix removes “un-Islamic” content, accusing the streaming service of “focusing excessively on homosexuals”.

The order was an apparent reference to a same-sex kiss in the cartoon Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous.

The Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] and the Saudi media regulator said in a joint statement that Netflix had been asked to take down such content, “including content directed to children”.

It added that the authorities “will follow up on the platform’s compliance with the directives, and in the event that the infringing content continues to be broadcast, the necessary legal measures will be taken”.

The GCC statement did not specify the content which had caused offence, but Saudi media reports cited a scene in Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous in which two female characters kiss. One TV report showed an extract of the kiss in question but blurred out the characters’ heads….

State broadcaster Al Ekhbariya TV condemned the content as a “cinematic cover for immoral messages that threaten the healthy upbringing of children” in a report it posted on Twitter.

State TV also cited the French film Cuties, which has caused controversy in the West over claims it sexualises young girls.

Another video on Saudi state media accused Netflix of “focussing excessively on homosexuals”….

Under Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Islamic law, homosexuality can be punished by either flogging or death, while sexual relations outside marriage are banned…..