Lagos state governor, Jide Sanwo Olu has walked the talk he preached on social media regarding showing love to people this Christmas season.


An Instagram follower who requested N10000 in response to Governor Sanwoolu’s Christmas charity post was approved his request.

The Governor spoke about the importance of checking on your neighbors, sharing with friends, and showing love this holiday season.

The Governor’s follower responded by asking him to practice what he preaches and dropping his N10000 account number. He claimed that he needed the money to feed his family rice. The Governor gave his approval, meaning that he will comply with the request.

He wrote:

This yuletide season, I am reminded about how far we have come as Lagosians. I recall our resolve to build back our lives, and our determination to embrace the long road to recovery in our fight against a pandemic.

Dear Lagosians, I take pride in your resilient spirit, and thank you all for trusting our commitment to serve.

This season, be your Brother’s keeper, check in on your Neighbors, lend a helping hand, It’s the season of giving. Therefore, show kindness to one another in gifts and affection.

Together, let’s take a moment to reflect on what would truly make this a season to remember. If you can dream it, it is possible.