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Sabinus gasps while getting a haircut in London as barber tells him it cost N85k



Nigerian skit-maker and comedian, Oga Sabinus is still enjoying the sights and sounds of being in the United Kingdom.

The content creator live-streamed the moment he was getting a hair cut while interacting with his colleague.

Sabinus and fellow skit maker, Aso Rock were having an Instagram live session at the same time a barber was cutting his hair.

They both made jokes about the fact that award-winning content creator developed an accent because he is in London.

He flew to the UK for his show Sabinus Live In London, which held on 30th of September.

At some point during the conversation, Sabinus asked the barber how much he charges for the haircut and he said 100 pounds (Approximately N85,000).

He immediately asked Aso to check the exchange rate, which he did and informed Sabinus of his findings.

On hearing the equivalent of 100 pounds that was when he realised the situation he was in and his facial expression suggested he was in panic mode.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, Nigerian actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu, was captured on tape getting a stylish haircut few months ago.

The comic star created some humour in the barbing saloon while having an interaction with other customers. Mr Ibu went with his daughter who made sure to capture the rare moment on camera.

When the barber was almost done cutting the actor’s hair, he made some complimentary remarks to which the movie star responded.

The barber mentioned how the Nollywood star looked much younger than his age, but the compliment didn’t go down well with the comedian.

But it was not a serious matter as Mr Ibu was quick to shut the barber down and stated that he he is okay with looking fresh but not younger than he is.

In reaction, KleinerJunge GroßerGott said: his man total complete vibe. Mr ibu. Massive love.

Thomas washer said: I love you sir looking good on your haircut

Tommy-n; This barber will make heaven,,, just look at how handsome Mr IBU is looking.


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