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Russia Exposes The Government Of Ghana, Drops Figures To Show The Hardship In Ghana Is Not As A Result Of Russian-Ukraine War



The Russian Embassy in Ghana has reacted to the government of Ghana’s claims that the hardship in Ghana is partly due to the Russian-Ukraine war.

One of the widespread arguments that government officials make to counter arguments about mismanagement of the economy is that the Russian-Ukraine war has adversely affected the Ghanaian economy.

In their argument, they state that since Ghana imports quite a significant amount of products from Russia, the war has made it extremely difficult for these products to be imported hence the high rate of inflation we see.

Well, many people, especially party faithful bought into this idea and believed what the government said, however, it seems the government is playing with the minds of Ghanaians as the figures released by Russia show that Russia is not even in the top ten countries that Ghana imports from.

From the figures provided, Ghana should in no way be blaming the woes of the country currently on the war going on.

..... that was made by on the official Twitter handle of the Russian Embassy in Ghana reads;

“ℹ️ Dear readers, here are some figures summed up by the Embassy for you to think about. 🤔 🤔 🤔”