Nigerian actress, Rosy Meurer has taken to social media to drop some stunning photos of herself rocking her uniquely designed ankara skirt and blouse.


The beautiful mother of one shared these lovely photos on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

As a caption to the photos, she wrote;

“So story behind this ankara skirt and blouse, it’s my moms. I tried it on, used the head tie on my king and it looked good so I was like why not 😊 I should consider making some for me. #repwivesassociation 🤣🤣

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Days ago, she was in the news as she claimed that the only thing she regrets now is the chances she didn’t take in life and that has got netizens talking wondering if that’s why she married Churchill.

Rosy Meurer in a post claimed at in the end what she regrets is the chances she got but didn’t take and not what others think or say about her because of some decisions and posts she makes on social media.

This post of Rosy Meurer got netizens talking and wondering if she doesn’t regret the fact that she allegedly snatched someone’s husband who she referred to as her brother when he was still married to his ex-wife.

Rosy Meurer’s post also indicates that she missed an opportunity that could have changed her life but didn’t take it for some reason and that is the only thing she regrets in the end and not what she has done that others think was wrong on her side.