Former presidential aid, Reno Omokri has advised men on what to do before proposing marriage to any woman in their lives to see the kind of home they’re going to keep.


There are a few things one must consider before getting into marriage but most people turn out to forget or overlook the hygienic aspect of individuals planning to marry and Reno Omokri has just reminded us with his advice to men.

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According to Reno Omokri, as a man, before you propose marriage to your woman make sure you visit her and see her face without makeup and ask to see her bathroom by taking note of the state in which it is the observe her kitchen to see her tidiness.

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To Reno Omokri, these things will tell you a lot about the woman you are about to marry, and if you realize you can’t be with her after seeing her tidiness you save yourself all the troubles by not bothering to marry her at all.

The same can go for women who are ready to marry as they can also visit the man they want to marry and see his tidiness and hygienic state he’s in before saying yes to their marriage proposal to save them from talking every single time.

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