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Reactions As Court Sentences Hairdresser To 10 Years In Prison For Stabbing Her Boyfriend Over Grasscutter Soup



The news was shared in a post made by a Twitter user and the caption suggested that a hairdresser will be spending the next ten years of her life in prison.

The lady was sentenced after she was found guilty of stabbing her boyfriend because of grasscutter soup.

Check out ..... below;

Some reactions ..... got are;

@odo_ayaase – Sorry to say 😂😂girl cnim nyansa😹😹aah akrante3 nkwan mpo nie na aponkye nkwan errr😂

@JayAAnnan – Akrante nkwan de mbaa b3k) prison..eei

@Jasper30x – She for go inside like 20 plus years ahhh stabbing because of soup 😩😩

@SNyadu – Sometimes ebi hardship or spiritual issues, sake of ..hmmm

@Nanakwekuadom – If it was a make by now 25 years. Stabbing and 10 year’s ei sekof she be who woman.

@illegalLuminary – Rich people never go to jail . That’s the violence in our justice delivery system.

@mjmoney79 – See where Ghana if you no get money you go suffer stab she Dey go 10 years what about the lady that killed her boyfriend dem still Dey beg court to grant her bill 🥹🥹🥹🥹

@KendrickOdyssey – This days is the women who are killing the men oooo ah we for man up ooo 😂😂😂