Veteran Nigerian actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has advised his fellow brothers and sisters to quit their relationship if they can’t communicate with their partner.


Kenneth Okonkwo asserted that the worst possible thing that can happen to any relationship is for partners to second-guess each other due to a breakdown in or lack of communication.

In a post on his Facebook page, the Nollywood legend conceded that it is true that talking about issues could be exhausting, especially if your partner is someone who doesn’t listen or someone who does not put in the efforts to change things.

Reacting to his submission, an Instagram user @sirtijaja wrote; “For the sake of your mental health, avoid people who don’t know how to communicate especially If you are big on communication. Make sure you find someone who finds it easy to talk, and express their thoughts or concerns. A lot of people find solace in keeping quiet.”

@itobiloba wrote;”True! A relationship can’t thrive or survive without good communication. Being able to have heart-to-heart talks about big issues, as well as open and honest communication about everything, including the little things, is vital to any healthy relationship”

@philopearl wrote; “Don’t make ur partner feel like a stranger in the relationship. There should be clarity on things and good communication”