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Qatar cracks down on rainbow-colored children’s toys unrelated to homosexuality ahead of 2022 World Cup



None of the toys represent homosexuality, so according to a human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, the “tyrant” regime of Qatar is being “paranoid.” Tatchell goes on:

This proves that Qatar remains viciously homophobic and that its self-proclaimed new liberal image is a fraud and mere PR spin.

The level of opposition to gays in Qatar should have taken the country off the table for any consideration to host the World Cup. Although the Quran states that “Allah is the creator of all things” (Quran 39:62-63), even the natural rainbow is not tolerated in the country because of its man-made association to gays. The country is also willing to brush aside Sharia tenets to welcome gays in its hosting of the World Cup, entirely due to profitability. The deal is reportedly worth £150 million ($201,280,500 USD).

Pink News reports:

A “danger index” for queer travelers placed Qatar as the second most threatening place in the world to travel for LGBT+ people, with some governments advising LGBT+ travellers to read up on the “serious penalties” they may face in Qatar…In Qatar, male homosexuality is illegal and punishable with fines, prison sentences and technically, under Sharia law, death.

The level of hatred and opposition to gays is concerning for the safety of those attending the World Cup. Gay footballer Josh Cavallo, for instance, has indicated that he’s “very scared” to go to Qatar.

Despite Qatar’s “paranoia” about the rainbow flag, it still told the world that “fans will be able to display rainbow flags in the stadiums,” yet there is no guarantee for the safety of gays in that country. They may be safe from government prosecution during the even, but not from attack by Qatari citizens who are indoctrinated in the Sharia.

“Qatar’s ‘paranoid regime’ accused of ‘new low’ over rainbow crackdown,” by Josh Layton, Metro, December 24, 2021:

The Qatari authorities have been accused of a ‘new low’ after seizing children’s toys bearing rainbow colours in an ominous sign of intolerance before the 2022 World Cup.

A government ministry said earlier this week that it had carried out an ‘inspection campaign’ to clamp down on ‘un-Islamic’ items bearing similar colour schemes used for LGBTQ+ flags.

The Commerce and Industry Ministry did not specify why it took the action, but it is unlikely officials are unaware of the connotations, with the World Cup due to be hosted in the oil-rich emirate next year.

Premier League clubs took part in Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign across November and December and Lewis Hamilton used the stripes for his helmet at the Qatar Grand Prix last month.

However, the ministry appeared to dash hopes of greater tolerance ahead of the FIFA tournament by posting a statement and images of the toys on its social media channels, saying they ‘go against Islamic values’.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told ‘Banning rainbow images is a new low for the tyrant regime in Qatar. It is an absurd, over-the-top response by a paranoid regime.

‘The seized toys were in pretty rainbow colours but none were promoting homosexuality, as government officials claim.

‘This proves that Qatar remains viciously homophobic and that its self-proclaimed new liberal image is a fraud and mere PR spin.

‘In the light of this crackdown, LGBTQ+ footballers and fans will not be safe during the World Cup next November, despite Qatar’s assurances to FIFA.

‘The football authorities should cancel Qatar’s hosting rights and find a new host country that respects FIFA’s values of equality and inclusion.’

The clampdown took place in ‘several retail outlets in different regions across Qatar’, according to the ministry.

..... on social media stated: ‘The campaigns resulted in the seizure and release of several violations, including the confiscation of children’s toys bearing slogans that go against Islamic values.’

Although same-sex relations are illegal in the Gulf state, it has asserted that fans will be able to display rainbow flags in the stadiums.

However, it is now unclear if spectators will be subject to the same prohibitive rules outside the grounds.

Carl Fearn, co-chairman of Gay Gooners, said: ‘Our first response was that it’s really a bit pathetic making an issue out of children’s toys but there’s an underlying issue here. It’s as if the Qatari authorities are saying they won’t tolerate rainbows because they are linked to the LGBTQ+ community.

‘The FA and FIFA have been quite specific in their comments about the display of LGBTQ+ symbols at the World Cup in that they are going to be allowed in the stadiums.

‘In making an issue of the toys, it leaves the question of whether people are going to be safe draping a rainbow flag around their shoulders on their way to a World Cup match…..




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