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PSquare’s retirement is far away – Peter Okoye says after shutting down North Carolina



Peter Okoye, one half of Nigerian pop group, Psquare, has said that he and his brother Paul Okoye are not retiring anytime soon.

He stated this via his verified Twitter page after PSquare shutdown North Carolina in continuation of its 100 Cities World Tour.

The singer bragged about PSquare being the OG’s before the emergence of social media platforms like Instagram.

Peter, who just reconciled with his brother, Paul in December 2021, said that they are still very much loved by many people even though they were apart for five years.

He went on to say that retirement for the music group is ‘so far away’, adding that they would decided when they want to stop doing music because the current love is too massive.

He also shared a video from the music tour and thanked fans in North Carolina, USA for showing up in large numbers.

Mr P tweeted; ”We are the OG’s before the IG’s… Thank you North Carolaina for the love! forget it! PSQUARE is loved by many! Retirement is far away!😫Na we go decide when to retire!😅 #Psquare100CitiesWorldTour”

Meanwhile, a fan shared a video of Psquare performing in 1999 and stated that they have been in the game long before most of the leading artistes today.

”This is was a time in the late 1999 or 1999, when some of your favorite artists weren’t born or still dey run around pantless. Psquare has been killing shows since then and they are still on fire till now and forever. Respect to that name PSQUARE they are in lndeed OGs,” the fan wrote.

Peter Okoye quoted the tweet and wrote; ”23yrs ago! Show some respect!.. Na we go decide when to retire!😅”