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Preacher makes jest of men who buy side chics car while their wives trek



A Nigerian preacher has been captured on tape taking a swipe at unfaithful married men who buy gifts for their girlfriends (side chics).

The evangelist who was preaching in a rural neighbourhood questioned men who allow their wives to suffer by walking to and fro different destinations whereas they buy expensive cars for their mistresses.

In a video making the rounds online, he called out such men and burst out laughing while suggesting that what they do is abnormal and must have been cast upon them by someone.

Residents who were listening to his preaching could be heard also laughing as they found the sermon really hilarious. They also concurred with him and repeated the rhetorical question he asked.

“You go see married man wey buy car for girlfriend while wife dey trek. Who do you this thing? Who do you oooo?“, he asked amid laughter.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, a video which trended online captured the moment a married woman confronted her husband’s alleged mistress.

The wife and side chic entered the same taxi in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, without initially realising that they are somewhat connected.

It was during the journey, that the elderly woman realised she was in the same vehicle with the woman her hubby has been cheating on her with.

She revealed that she had once met the young lady in their home not knowing that she was having an affair with her man.

According to the wife, she came to their house and introduced herself as her husband’s friend only for her to later discover that the lady has been going out with him.

She also noted how her husband would go missing on some days, and she would call his phone without response.

She, however said that she will not fight the lady, rather, God will judge her for trying to destroy her marriage.

All the while the elderly woman was talking, the suspected side chic stayed silent and did not utter a single word.

Passengers in the vehicle were forced to ask if it was a case of mistaken identity but the woman insisted that she was talking to the right person.