Nigerian Grammy award winner, Burna Boy, has expressed regret over the path he took following his ongoing brawl with Ghanaian Dancehall singer, Shatta Wale.


Shatta Wale and Burna Boy who used to be very close friends are currently fighting dirty on social media and both of them are revealing each other’s dirty secrets.

Burna Boy, in one of his posts on his Instagram story alleged that Shatta Wale s.exually molested a lady he once brought to Ghana and this triggered Shatta Wale to come out revealing chilling and dirty secrets about Burna boy.

However, it appears Burna Boy have sat to think about his conduct on social media and the brawl with Shatta Wale as he has tendered an apology to his fans for his misconduct and he vows never to allow himself to stoop so low and fight with a pig.

According to the ‘Ye’ hitmaker, Shatta Wale herein ‘the pig’ is used to dirt and fighting a pig will eventually leave you dirty and expressed regrets in letting Shatta Wale get to him, thus looking focus in this regard.

I’m sorry everyone. I don’t do this type of shit. Fighting a pig will only leave you dirty. the pig is used to dirt. I really let this pig get to me. But I promise. This is the last time I will ever allow myself stoop to this level.
I sincerely apologize to everyone
I will not be seeing social media at all this year. I’m out see you all in real life
,” he wrote.