Nigerian rapper, Phyno has taken to the gram to exude positive vibes in his latest post.


Phyno is one of the trending artists at the moment with the release of his latest album titled ‘ Something to Live For’.

In a photo seen on his Instagram page, Phyno shared a nice shot of him standing outside in a rain with an umbrella over his head. He appeared dry in spite of the rain that drenched his surroundings.

He captioned his post as: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR 🖤

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Meanwhile, Ghanaian entertainer and DJ, Fred Kyei Mensah has opined that Keta Senior High Technical School Star girl, Francisca Lamini shouldn’t have declined the sweet deal she had from the sponsors of the NSMQ to take her to Dubai for the sake of her colleagues.

According to Fred Kyei Mensah, he recognizes the demand on Francisca to demonstrate her love to her friends but she should be pragmatic in some of her actions since life goes on after the NMSQ 2021. 

Fred explained that it is an error in judgment on her part, to refuse the offer, even though it is her own decision.   She wasn’t initially included in the winners’ package, but her outstanding performance at the NSMQ won her that honor.

Francisca Lamini could have accepted the offer and lobbied for alternatives for her teammates rather than rejecting it flatly.

He quizzed: “I have some few questions for her.

1) Will she turn down an offer to the medical school if her colleagues don’t make it?

2)Will she reject a scholarship because she is in solidarity with her colleagues and expect them to enjoy same”