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PHOTOS: Google Opens An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Center In Accra



Google has reportedly opened an artificial intelligence research center in Ghana.

The center is in Accra and as we speak, it is the first on the African continent. This latest development has really attracted some reactions, especially from Ghanaian developers.

Check out the photos below;

Some reactions from social media users are;

@aidoojerry321 – So google no get any where go unless Ghana Oya make them start dey pay the huge taxes

@Ike92891715 – Wowow chaley… All these they happen but people still want spoil Ghana name hmmm… Ghana shall prosper 🙏🏿🙏🏿

@kobbios – Very nice AI space thanks to Google for choosing Ghana and also thanks to the leaders for making this possible.
I was expecting some mind borsting machine room tho.😅

@governorbrown3 – We have tech industry in Ghana and constant power supply, google welcome to Ghana 🇬🇭

@harshtaggh – We only hope it doesn’t flood into it cos Accra flood di33 it doesn’t like good things oo