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Peter Obi’s mockery of Tinubu’s health has cost him Yoruba votes – Omokri



Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide, Reno Omokri, says the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, (LP), Peter Obi, has lost the entire Yoruba nation’s votes for making a mockery of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s health.

The ex-spokesperson stated this in a series of tweets on his verified page on Sunday, describing the former Anambra governor as a chronic liar.

Omokri shared a video of Obi talking about a WhatsApp broadcast message from someone in Tinubu’s campaign team telling Yorubas not to vote him.

He said the LP candidate’s comment can be likened to something members of the Indigenous People of Biafra would spread

Omokri tweeted; “Peter Obi just lost the entire Yoruba vote! See the way he lied against Yoruba leaders. Talking down on Tinubu. Mocking his health and wealth. He sounded more like Nnamdi Kanu. That is the real @PeterObi we saw. The one we have been seeing is the audio Peter Obi! #TableShaker.

“He can lie for Africa. How can Yoruba leaders ask Yoruba not to vote for Peter because he will build a port in SS, when SS already has many ports? #TableShaker.

“Why would Tinubu send such a WhatsApp message and you and I have not seen it. It is only @PeterObi that has. I mean that right there is suspicious. I know many ‘IPOB at night and Obidient by day’ people will lie that they received it. But lying is what they do!

“This is a ship offloading goods from Port Harcourt Port. The name of the town is Port Harcourt for goodness sakes! It means there is a port there. How can Tinubu’s people ask Yoruba not to vote @PeterObi because he will build a port where a port already exists? Lie!

“That message is typical of IPOB. Tinubu people don’t operate that way. Asking Yoruba not to vote Peter Obi, because he will build a port in the South-South. First of all, there are already 3 ports in the SS (Ph, Warri and Koko). That message is from IPOB, not Tinubu.”