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Pastor surprises congregation by recommending Johnny Drille’s song during service



A Nigerian pastor left the members of her church feeling surprised and excited when she recommended a non-gospel song.

The clergywoman was giving a sermon when she decided to tell the congregation to listen to Johnny Drille’s new song, How Are You (My Friend).

She said the track is a beautiful and uplifting song which she loves very much. The moment she made the comment everyone screamed in jubilation to suggect that they concur with her.

The pastor then urged everyone to stream and download How Are You on all available platforms online.

Watch the clip below:

In reaction, IG user, hiebywhumey wrote; Which pastor go recommend portable song for us 🌚

forevertiannah; Make we hear word now which one is wuuuuuuuuu 😒😒😒

official_faithadama; Let’s promote inspirational and uplifting songs not screaming and noise 😂

_sueldelioness; The song is a beautiful song, it reminds us to be there and luv one another and this practically interprets Christianity. Only those who think they are more godly than God judging others and committing sin unknown to them will have a problem with that song been sang in church or by a Christian.

sauceprince1; It’s a beautiful song, with rich lyrical content. It also shows you care about your friends and you wish them well. The young man did a great job and I wish him the very best in his quest for success.

thejoeyofenugu; My local church left the the group chat 😂 cux they can never 😂😂

callheruche; This is my Church …. Life pointe

thederricktopaz; Such a beautiful song and that’s the actual reason the church was created…

_omalichanwa; Truth remains that Johnny Drille is so underrated and makes the best MUSIC…..He deserves some flowers but we don’t appreciate music here in Nigeria, we appreciate loud sounds😂😹😂