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Pappy Kojo Slapped With Harsh Words After Chastising Sam George For The Anti-LGBT Law



Ghanaian musician, Jason Gaisie has been slapped with some harsh words after chastising Ghanaian lawmaker, Sam George for championing an Anti-LGBT law.

It could be recalled that Sam George was part of seven members of Parliament who moved the bill at a recent parliamentary sitting.

The bill, when passed, will ensure that anyone found to be involved in LGBT-related acts will be slapped with a huge punishment.

After news of the bill went viral, many Ghanaians have shared their thoughts about it and Ghanaian musician, Sister Derby even engaged in a brawl with Sam George.

Reacting to the confrontation between Sam George and Sister Derby, Pappy Kojo wrote;

“You be kurasini oh herh”

His post got Ghanaians blasting him and some of the comments are;

@mmoaNkoaa – You dey wan make he diss you to resurrect your dead career we know

@JayEvergreen22 – Massa fa wo mbell3sem ko. You get girlfriend u dey chop everyday and u dey here dey encourage we to join LGBT gyimi gyimie.

@raphael_211 – Jon artist. Your career is dead. And this how you want to stay in the convo?

@1Fitztsu_386 – Make like u commot from trumu inside come the world abi. Or dem harbor u for trumu inside for 9 months. Koo Fantsi, 3y3 b3l3.

@webkid_afrika – Common VGMAs frustrated you but you dey here wan show Hard Guy status

@khewtboi_ – Pappy kojo adey feel u paaa, make u no put ur mouth for dis inside na what derby dey do no y3 nkwasias3m

@theonlySUV – You and sister derby ankasa no difference you don’t know your genre of music

@AwuahDives – Because of this I have unfollow pappy kojo There is no way the western world will accept polygamy But they want us to accept theirs

@AdentaMajid – Den you you be what? See someone calling another kurasini, who be kurasini pass you, you you dey sing about feces, you no dey shy sef