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Panel Recommends Plunking Down $62 Million to Free Americans From Confederate Statues



New in PJ Media:

The great thing about the Biden regime and its attendant wonks is how laser-focused they are on the problems that Americans are really facing. The economy is in free fall, inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are going to start rising again as soon as the midterms are over, China, North Korea, and Iran are emboldened, crime in the nation’s major cities is out of control and often not even being fought, and an “independent commission” is set to recommend to Congress that $62 million of your money and mine be spent on erasing the names of Confederates from military bases and Arlington National Cemetery.

Why not? One lesson of this record-breaking administration is that the money never runs out, especially when it comes to aiding causes that are dear to the Left’s heart. And since no one is going to be put in the position of appearing to defend the Confederacy, the money will almost certainly be spent.

The Washington Examiner reported Wednesday that the Naming Commission’s final report to Congress recommends that “the Confederate Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery should be dismantled and removed from the cemetery” and that military bases named for Confederate generals should be renamed. The Confederate Memorial, says the Examiner, “was unveiled in 1914 and features a bronze woman representing the South.” This “base also features shields with the coats of arms of the 13 Confederate states, as well as depictions of enslaved men and women.” According to the Naming Commission, this memorial is “problematic from top to bottom,” and thus it has to go.

This recommendation is a follow-up to the Naming Commission’s May report, which called for “new names for nine Army bases that commemorate Confederate officers, including Fort Bragg in North Carolina; Fort Benning and Fort Gordon in Georgia; Fort A.P. Hill, Fort Lee, and Fort Pickett in Virginia; Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Polk in Louisiana, and Fort Rucker in Alabama.”

Retired Army Brig. Gen. Ty Seidule, the vice chairman of the Naming Commission, says that he can take care of this little problem for us for the bargain-basement price of $62.4 million, which he says will “changes to the Arlington Confederate Memorial, two Navy ships, nine Army bases, and more.” Such a deal! But as always, there are a few hidebound, backward-looking racist white supremacists around to throw a spanner in the works: “Military officials have long defended the names of assets that commemorate the Confederate South, arguing they do not signal support but rather preserve history. However, U.S. officials faced a renewed call to remove references to the Confederacy in the summer of 2020 as racial justice protests erupted nationwide.”

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