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Pakistan: Hindus protest against abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls to Islam



The latest protest in Pakistan has begun over the forced conversion of a 14-year-old Hindu girl who was abducted from a village by four Muslim men. After her forced conversion to Islam, she was “forcibly married to her abductor, who is a Muslim.” Her grieving mother joined the protest to demand an immediate law against the abduction and forced conversion of minor Hindu girls, an occurrence that is virtually ignored by authorities in Pakistan, since Hindu girls are infidels. Children of these marriages are, of course, raised Muslim, so that if one of these women has four children, each abduction results in there being five more Muslims. One thousand Hindu and Christian women are forcibly converted to Islam every year. Within a 24-hour-period on Sunday alone, three incidents of the kidnapping of Hindu girls and their forcible conversion to Islam took place in Pakistan.

Pakistan needs an uprising on the order of what is happening in Iran, in order to free infidel girls from abuse by Muslims, as well as to stop the persecution of Christians by means of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws. Christians are frequently accused of blasphemy over a dispute with a Muslim neighbor; some have been jailed and face execution. Accused blasphemers are sometimes also hunted by rabid mobs, and their families are also in danger. To report on these human rights abuses renders one “Islamophobic.” Never mind the suffering victims.

“Women, children protest in Pakistan, demand immediate law on abduction, conversion of minor Hindu girls,” Firstpost, October 17, 2022:

Islamabad: It is over two months and there is no trace of 15-year-old Hindu Brahmin girl who was allegedly abducted by four Muslim men from Fateh Chowk area of Hyderabad in Pakistan in a broad daylight on 12 August. After negligence and delay in action by the police, the distress mother of the minor has now pleading for help from the Shehbaz Sharif-led Pakistan government for safe return of her daughter.

A picture of mother of the minor girl crying, holding placard of her daughter at Hyderabad Press Club, Sindh, requesting to Government of Pakistan to get her 15-year-old daughter, kidnapped since two months, safely returned has gone viral on social media.

The girl was kidnapped when she was returning with her elder sister from a local mill where the two worked. She, along with her two sisters, are the breadwinners for the family since the father suffers vision loss.

Protest against abduction and religious conversion of Hindu girls

In Pakistan’s Hyderabad, protest rally was being carried out from Shahbaz Building to Press Club against abduction and religious conversion of Hindu girls. The rally saw large number of women and children in attendance, demanding immediate legislation of the issue of abduction of minority girls.

The rally also comes at a time when a 14-year-old girl was abducted from a village in Pakistan and was converted into Islam. She was then forcibly married to her abductor, who is a Muslim.