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Oyibo woman seen grinding, selling foodstuff at market in Abuja



A white lady became the centre of attraction at a local market after she was spotted hustling like a trader in the Federal Capital Territory.

The woman identified as Pia Majid stormed the market to experience a day in the life of market women and it was captured on camera.

She helped to sell food items and did so many things that market women do, which included grinding water melon seeds to make egusi.

In the video she shared on TikTok and YouTube, the lady said she went to ‘hustle’, which is another term for when one works hard daily.

She could be seen adorning an apron like a market woman and helping to sell things like beans flour and other foodstuff.

Buyers and sellers were shocked to see an Oyibo woman selling at the market so they could not stop staring at her.

According to Pia, it was an exciting experience helping the traders and market women to do their jobs.

Watch the video below..

In other news, a Cameroonian man recently took to social media to share his excitement over his recent relocation to Nigeria.

In a video he uploaded online, he revealed that he was moving from Poland to Lagos, Nigeria to search for a better job and peace of mind.

According to the guy, he was finally able to collect his visa and it felt really good moving to the West African nation.

He captured different stages of his trip from when he packed his luggage, to the time a can man was driving him to the airport.

Another part of the footage showed when he arrived at the Muritala International airport, Lagos and posed for the camera with his luggage.