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Open-borders Ireland being used by human traffickers to ship Albanian Muslim illegals to UK



Populations of Western European countries have now become habituated to reports such as the one below. It’s now an expectation that law-abiding citizens will be scrutinized at borders for security and health reasons (COVID), while the illegal multitudes are given a free pass.

Unvetted and unaccountable illegal migrants and the shift in Western demographics that is resulting from accommodating them will have irreparable consequences over time. 

Globalists have flung open the doors of their nations to illegals, heedless of jihadist infiltration and so much more. This has gone on for years now, and continues with no end in sight. 

“Albanian Human Traffickers Using Open Borders Ireland to Ship Illegals into Britain – Claim,” by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, August 30, 2022:

Open borders Ireland is being used by Albanian human traffickers as a back door to ship illegal migrants into the United Kingdom.

Albanian human traffickers are abusing the lax border security of open borders Ireland to move illegal migrants into Britain, a report published on Monday has claimed.

Officials within the UK government had already cited Ireland’s lax immigration system as a security threat to Britain, with the country’s handling of the migrants and refugees attracting criticism from Britain and beyond.

However, according to a report by The Telegraph, Albanian criminals are also abusing the centuries-old open-border common travel area Ireland has with Britain to smuggle illegals into the UK, with human traffickers getting migrants to fly to Dublin airport, before arranging a private taxi to sneak them into Britain on ferries.

The whole process reportedly costs around £2,500 (~$2900), or reportedly around half of what a boat migrant would pay to cross into England via the English Channel, though would be illegals reportedly also have to source their own fake EU ID in order to avail of the Dublin route.

“You need to get a European fake ID so you can get easily to Dublin,” one Albanian smuggler reportedly told an undercover journalist, assuring them that the route was “100 per cent secure”……