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On TV, Hamas-Linked CAIR Pays Lip Service to Opposing Anti-Semitism



Notice how this story from WFXT about a banner hung on a Massachusetts freeway overpass blaming Jews for 9/11 starts with CAIR and ends with CAIR. The broadcast ends by telling us that CAIR stands in solidarity with the Jewish community.

But Hamas-linked CAIR doesn’t stand with the Jewish community.

If CAIR stands with the Jewish community, then where are the TV broadcasts of CAIR confronting anti-Semitic imams such as Karim Abuzaid or Mohammad Abbasi?

Whenever “Palestine” is in the news, CAIR gets on TV and takes the side of Hamas. CAIR representatives would say that they are making a distinction between Jews and Israel. But Hamas does not do that. Hamas intends the rockets it fires into Israel to kill civilians. There are no TV broadcasts of CAIR criticizing Hamas, ever.

CAIR does not stand with the Jewish community. It exploits Jewish misfortunes to get on TV and promote itself by paying lip service to opposing the discrimination and harassment that Jews all too often face.

This is nearly a daily occurrence, as CAIR reps frequently get on TV in connection to things that have nothing to do with the organization or with Muslims, and misrepresent themselves.

We do not have to hear that CAIR condemns something like a banner blaming Jews for 9/11. It should be taken for granted. Is it due to a guilty conscience that CAIR representatives feel the need to get on TV and make a display of their opposition to anti-Semitism?

CAIR has been around for almost 30 years, with over a thousand appearances in the news. And the verdict is in. CAIR doesn’t stand with the Jewish community, and it doesn’t stand with America or its citizens. It stands with the BDS movement, and with notorious anti-Semites including Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Zahra Billoo, and Aafia Siddiqui.

CAIR stands with itself as America’s phoniest civil rights organization. And TV newsrooms across the country just adore them.


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