Former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke, has stated that wealthy countries’ decision to deliver vaccines primarily to their citizens is unjust and futile.


It is the height of insanity, according to Duke, to ignore those countries that have yet to develop or purchase the vaccine.

He made his submission at the Olumba Olumba Obu Annual Public Lecture in Calabar.

“Deciding to take care of their citizens alone and ignore other nations is an unwise decision because sooner than later they would discover that shutting the door against other nations was an effort in futility as many countries were already discovering the vaccine.

“If you decide that you are only going to vaccinate your citizens and leave others unvaccinated, another variant of the disease will come and it will catch with you.

“If your country is richer than the other countries, you have to help them because what goes around comes around like the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

“Though divers in culture and beliefs, as long as people who are suffering exist around you, you are not complete because the entire universe is one before the Almighty,” he said.

“At the outset of the COVID19, the Father told us that no faithful member of BCS anywhere in the world would contract the virus. Today, I want to ask whether anyone can point to any of His children that contracted it.

“Let me reassure that whichever variants would come it will not affect any brethren in BCS.” he added.